by David Munoz   Jun 5, 2011

No one really knows
What's going on in someone's head
What they are really thinking
Or what they would have said

You can never really know
What they truly feel inside
Are they thinking about love
Or is it suicide

When you walked away
How did that make them feel
Did they actually feel pain
Or was that smile actually real

Do they pretend to laugh
Just to feel accepted
Or do they hold it in
For fear of being rejected

Do they fake perfection
Just to cover up their sin
Are they really ok
Or are they dying within

When you read their face
What do you see in their expression
Is it the hate they strive to show
Or is there love in their intentions

But it's not a question about motives
Or what things we can surmise
It's whether or not their facade fails
When you're looking into their eyes


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  • 9 years ago

    by Prema

    Thats really great, i can really feel what you are saying.

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