I want you to know

by David Munoz   Nov 21, 2010

There are no words to describe
All the feelings I have inside
All the things you do to me
How you make me come alive

I wish that I could explain
Why I fell this way
And why I am affected
By what you do and say

How can I explain to you
What you really do for me
How you make me want to be better
And how you set me free

What way is there to show
All the happiness that comes from you
And all the smiles that you create
From the little things you do

There is no way to express
How you make me stop and stare
And how when I look at my hand
I wish that yours was there

But what I really want to know
Is how much I truly care
How much I value your wishes and opinions
How much I mention you in prayer

One day I hope I can tell you
The reasons I don't want us to end
And how even if we don't begin
How I will always call you friend


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  • 9 years ago

    by misa

    Absolutely beautiful, I enjoyed every line. You created a great poem, keep it up =)

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