In her eyes

by David Munoz   Nov 21, 2010

There aren't many people in this world
Who can change your life every day
Who can make you dream of the future
By the simplest things they do or say

Now many would view this as a curse
And that no one should give your heart commands
But for me, she is a blessing
In more ways then she could ever understand

It's never enough that I like her
And when I close my eyes, it's her I miss
Because everyday she steals my heart
With her laugh, a wink, or a kiss

It's never enough that I tell her she's beautiful
And all the things I treasure about her so
Because everyday I fall deeper into her eyes
And further melt at her voice's tone

It's never enough to tell her my dreams of us
And all the places we go and things we do
Because each moment that I spend with her
Makes me dream about us anew

It's never enough to try and make her happy
And make promises and kind gestures all the while
Because she makes them all seem so unworthy of her
Each and every time she smiles

It's never enough to write her songs and poems
And sing them to her all night long
Because with each passing moment, I fall for her more
And my feeling surpass my simple songs

I know I'll never be able to do enough
To find myself worthy in my eyes
But I pray she knows I plan on trying to forever
And soon she'll have a love from me that'll never die


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