A Friend

by David Munoz   Jun 14, 2011

We don't always give the right gifts
We don't always say the right things
Sometimes we ruin what we have
And break what others bring
But it doesn't matter what we say
Or even what we do
Cause we all have friends to run to
Even if we never knew
When you are in the midst of tears
And you're lost and all alone
The friend who is there to run to
To come and bring you home
It doesn't matter what your personality is
Or who your friends might be
Because to this friend it doesn't matter
And for you, this friend is me


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  • 9 years ago

    by Ron Ray

    Gotta say ima mark it as a favorite. My opinion tho... Yu started off so strong but the ending coulda been better. Jus the last line or two in my book was kinda off to me.