Dear Daddy

by Deana   Aug 17, 2006

Dear Daddy,
I`m only seven years old
So I`m not sure what to say
We used to talk in person Dad
Before you went away

Mommy whispers
When she talks to my aunt you see
I overheard her say today
You love Crack more than me.

I don`t know who Crack is
But I hate him really bad
I never thought anyone
Could take away my Dad

Does he make you smile?
Does he touch your cheek?
Do you tell him stories
Before he goes to sleep

I had my dance recital
I couldn`t find you, I looked
at every face
I think I missed a step or two
I couldn`t concentrate

I was really hurt Dad
When you forgot my birthday
Did you spend that day with Crack?
Did you take him out to play?

Oh and Dad on Valentines day
You forgot, that candy heart you buy
I didn`t want no one to see
So I went in my closet to cry.

My brothers miss you too
But I guess they`ll be ok
You missed it Dad
They played their first football
Game today

They pretended to be happy
When they sat with their team
But I saw tears in their eyes
They said I played good today
I wish dad could have seen

I know youll blame it on mommy
Shell blame in on Crack and you
But I think it must have been partly my fault
Cause you left me too

I guess what I really want to know dad
is Crack in your life for keeps
have you spent time with him lately
its been five months since you`ve seen me

Oh and dad I have this awful dream
you love this guy named Crack
way more than you love me

This is dedicated to Joe, How can you treat her this way?


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by Mo

    Deana - wow - that was amazing. Made my heart skip a beat when I read it. Very sad and so perfectly written - from the eyes of an innocent, trusting, naively beautiful child. :(

    I can see why this is your favourite poem

    Hope your friend you wrote it for read it and realised what he was doing.


  • 11 years ago

    by Michelle

    5/5.. great poem. my dad is an alcoholic and use to use drugs

  • 11 years ago

    by Black Rose

    Thats good 5/5

    great point of view

  • 11 years ago

    by TheWorldFellNUWerentThere


    This had really touched my heart A LOT!

    This made me think of my cousin and how his birthday is just tomorrow and so is my boyfriends birthday, and they're both locked up on their birthday and I miss my cousin and my bf very much. But my bf is just in JDC til Wednesday so I'll be able to see him on Sat.

    Great poem. 5/5

  • 11 years ago

    by ALEX

    I like this very much. I think it's great how you wrote from the child's perspective.

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