Welcome to the life of me

by Juls   Oct 30, 2006

Tuning out my family
Fighting with friends
Keeping only one friend
My useless protector
Till the end

Sleeping the day by
Skipping every meal
When people catch on to me
I eat than take a few pills

Getting by without people knowing
the secret that I hold
People under estimate me
They think my life is gold

Living in a room myself,
Electronics over flow the house
Yet my mind is caving in
People don't know me for me
they think my life is a fantasy

Well welcome to my life my dear
One that isn't so sweet
The one scarred me when
I felt so incomplete

So let me show you the scars I hold today
The chipped away teeth i have,
for throwing up twice a day
Not thinking it was bad


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by Pure Silence

    I love you.

    I miss you.

    And I pray to God you are alright Julie. =/ I dont know what to say. I havent been there for you lately, and Im sorry ..

  • 11 years ago

    by b r i d g e t

    This poem was really well written...
    i can relate to everythoing u wrote there
    ive been though.. and am still going through that stuff
    5/5 xxx