Society's Fall

by Jenni Marie   Feb 19, 2007

The boy who gets five years
Is the one addicted to drugs
He's never hurt anyone
Yet he's treated like a thug.

A girl got two and a half years
When she defended herself in a fight
Yet the rapist got only six months
Someone tell me how this is right?

The mother who abandoned her kids
Got only a measly fine
The murderer got three years
He's treated like it wasn't a serious crime.

The monster's who abused their child
Between them, didn't even get one year
Just a few months is supposed to make up
For all the time that child lived in fear.

The drunk driver didn't get any time
Just a few points and a three month ban
Even though he took that child's life away
The one who'll never get the chance to be a man.

Seems like the law needs updating
Innocents need protecting more
If no one does something soon
The whole world will surely blow.

Bullies who drove someone to suicide
They didn't get punished at all
Seems like everyone's content so sit back
And just watch our society fall.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 months ago

    by Tony

    Justice isn't blind, and the scales aren't fair... they're sitting on a pile of blood money.

  • 3 years ago

    by DarkLight

    Society need teaching...
    We can't just sit back and watch it all fall to waste.

    Beautiful truth.

  • 5 years ago

    by ZinaZonic

    Amazing, just amazing.

  • 5 years ago

    by Robie Lincer

    Awesome write!
    you got talent..!

  • 7 years ago

    by BlueJay

    Wow! It really makes you think and look at things differently. It is really really cool! Good job!

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