To a Friend

by David Munoz   Mar 13, 2007

I guess the reason I'm writing this
Is because you are clearly not like me
We run and play and bond together
But I guess I'm the only one that sees

Never before have I ever met
Someone who is truly like you
And yet we stand as one together
Hiding that we are two

But it is when we do not stand
When our true selves really show
With myself thinking one thing
But for you no one knows

Maybe its because I don't know the world
And all my life I have played fair
But innocence appears different to me
And that is why I'm scared

How do I tell you that
I'm constantly in fear
That one day you'll walk away
Never to reappear

I lie in wait in silence
Hiding behind a smile
Promising never to show
What has my heart on trial

Then you stand by me again
And those feelings melt away
Until the moment your gone again
And leave me here to pray

I pray for a comforted soul
A prayer so that we never part
So that the day that you return to me
I will still be in your heart


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  • 11 years ago

    by dee

    Hey great poem. i really loved it.

  • 11 years ago

    by David Munoz

    As you may guess, this is not to just any friend but one that I truly love. Please vote and or comment. Thanks in Advance.

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