Was It Love?

by BeautifulDisaster   Mar 14, 2007

Nobody cares about my feelings,
She quietly states to her guy friends.
I would rather die then live like this,
She tells her best friend late at night.
Its always the same pain,
Its always the same person.
She whispers to her mom,
While bawling her eyes out.

No baby, shes not the one I want,
He tells the girl he really loves.
Without you Id die, I love you,
He screams at her as they argue.
I wish I could die, you broke my heart,
He whispers to her,
After she breaks up with him.

You deserve better,
Her friends tell her.
You are a princess and you need your own prince,
Her mom tells her to try and stop the tears.
You need a man that wont hurt you,
Her close guy friends tell her.

You need someone who is ready to settle down,
The girl he truly loves tells him slowly.
You deserve better than me,
His love whispers.
Dont try to change my mind, its over,
His love says as she slowly walks away.

She walks through the park,
And ends up on a bench crying.
He walks through the park,
Trying to calm him self,
And he sees her crying.

She sees him walking up,
So she hurries and dries her eyes.
He asks her whats wrong,
He asks her why she was crying.

She tells him shes heart broken,
And no one understands.
She says shes in love with this guy,
That he doesnt even know.

He says he understands,
His girlfriend broke up with him.
He tells her he loved another girl,
And she never even knew.

She whispers Who is that girl?
He whispers You
She whispers I have always loved you,
He whispers I have always loved you too.

And they lived happily ever after.
At least thats how it started,
But then again it always starts good doesnt it,
Then the past comes back.
His ex girlfriend decides she wants him back,
Her ex boyfriend decides he still loves her.

They both have to make a choice,
And hope it was the right one.
She chooses to stay where she is,
He chooses to go back to his ex.
Two innocent people get hurt.

Four months go by,
And hes left once again,
For a different guy.
You think he would finally get it,
But he doesnt.

She cries herself to sleep at night,
Knowing she lost two loves.
She blames herself for her broken heart.
She thinks its all her fault.

Once again he made the wrong choice,
He just got hurt again.
He didnt think she would do it again,
He thought she had learned.

She wants to understand,
Why he choose the other girl.
She wants it all to be ok,
And no one to get hurt.

He tries to explain to her,
Why he didnt choose her.
He says he was testing her love,
Seeing if she would wait.

She says she doesnt understand,
Why they couldnt just take a break.
She tells him she doesnt want to feel,
Like all she was, is a mistake.

He says shes not a mistake,
He loves her dearly.
He wants to spend the rest of his life,
With her in his arms.

She says she too,
Loves him dearly.
But if he really loved her,
He wouldnt have left her.

She starts to walk away,
But turns to get one final statement,
She says
You tell me,
Was it love?


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by Vanessa

    This was really amazing, truley wonderfully written. It was quite long, but it keept me intrested all the way though it. the word choice was excellent, the flow was flawless, and the emtions were deep and strong. this is by far the best poem that I have read al day long. 5/5 although you clearly deserve more.

  • 11 years ago

    by Ashleigh Skye

    Wow this was my favorite poem definatly.. really long but you managed to capture my attention until the very end. Love is such a complex game that people play and it never gets easier, especialy when confusion is involved. The last stanza was my favorite one by far. cause it makes you think bout love in general and what it really is.. nice job. 5/5

  • 11 years ago

    by Kaila

    Now this one so far is your best poem ever!!! I loved it and I can so relate to it and Woww!!!! It was tremendous!!

  • 11 years ago

    by Hey Brittknee

    i think this has to be one of my new favorite poems..i think that says enough

    it was like a story amazing job

    im adding you to my favorites =]

    brittany (MD)

  • 11 years ago

    by Nicole

    This is the one about me