December Regrets

by Thoughtless Consideration   May 10, 2007

There's a black straind of hair
That keeps me from despair.
A thin barrier around my heart
That stops us from having to depart.

And we shed our winter sorrow
In hopes of a better tomorrow.
A new sun shines; we forget about the last one.
We are too caught up in heartless fun.

But amidst the stars that glowed in the sky,
We knew that we were soon to say goodbye.
Like someone begging to stay safe in jail,
We wish to remain comfortable- we wish to fail.

February has come and gone a decade ago
And yet your midnight eyes are still aglow.
April, you never gave us enough showers.
And so now, May shall be full of dead weeds and no flowers.

Darling seasons; June, July,
I hate you both, how are you? Hello, goodbye.
3 lonesome months coming ahead,
Time to cry and remorse on our utter dread.

Who knows what shall come September?
Lost friends, forgotten love, that we will never remember?
Will I still know your name next May,
Or are we already beginning to fade?

And it just keeps going on and on,
There's always a sunset, and we hope there's a dawn.
I well may never see your face again,
But that was now, and this is then.

We may end up sitting in different houses,
Different people, diffent lives, different spouses.
Once in a while I may say "Remember him? Remember her?"
And my friends will say, "Yeah, I remember."

Yeah, I remember.


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  • 11 years ago

    by IdTakeABulletForYou

    Straind = strand

    The beginning was a little sketchy, and then as the poem went on I became more and more immersed in the poem... it was wonderful, unique, and the word choice was incredible. I loved this poem. Nice choice of everything =]

    Well done,
    ~Stephen White

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