Killing myself

by Beauty In The Breaking   Jul 9, 2007

What if I dragged this blade across my wrist
and slowly let my blood trickle out,
would anyone miss me or shed a tear
would anyone notice at all?

I know people love me
but I feel so alone,
I'm tired of crying and the pain
I just want it all to end.

Watching my crimson blood pool around me
creating a bright red river
I wonder what they'll think when they find me,
will anyone wonder what happened?

Don't cry for me because now I'm happy,
don't blame yourself for this outcome
it was my own weaknesses that brought me down
and made it so I couldn't cope.

With every drop of crimson blood
I'm one drop closer to dying,
as I smile and wait for the end to come
pictures start flashing through my mind.

I see my life and all the choices I've made
and all the screwed up mistakes I've made,
I see all the sorrows, the horrors and the heartbreaks,
I see all the faces of the people I've loved

I remember all the happy times mixed in,
all the things that made me smile and laugh till I cried,
the loves and the friendships and being together
but none of it even matters now.

I say good-bye in my mind
to all those who I've loved
and slowly I'm fading and slipping away,
I don't feel any guilt for what I am doing.

The pain now is over, I don't feel a thing
they say you feel panic before you die
wondering if you really should've done this
but I'm happy now...the world goes black.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by FallenAngel

    This poem brought a sad, down-ward feeling of pain in my heart. I wonder if she really felt happy in the end, or perhaps she wished that she had felt happy enough to not want to be driven to do this.

    An excellent poem nonetheless. I certainly hope that the writer never does this, however.

  • 10 years ago

    by Nix

    Wow, great poem. Imagery is fantastic and I like topic very much. Atmosphere that you created is excellent.
    Well done, really incredibly written poem it deserves 5/5

  • 10 years ago

    by Finalgravedigger

    Huh thoughts of a cutter i liked it 4/5 maybe u can read one of mine.