Stocking me through the night

by Beauty In The Breaking   Aug 13, 2007

Running through the night
everything completely dark
I can't see anything at all,
black on black with even darker shadows.

Heart pumping with adrenalin
and the ugly taste of fear,
there's something right behind me
and it's following oh so near.

I hear it breathing right behind me,
I look and can't see a thing,
the terror is building fast
and making it so I can't breath.

I'm running away as fast as I can
trying to get anywhere safe,
I'm choking on the need to scream,
my heart pumping so fast it hurts.

I start asking myself why I came here
out into the heart of the night,
why I went so far from comfort
insisting on wondering alone.

The terror keeps building faster
and the path seems to keep getting longer,
if I scream would someone hear me
or am I as alone as I feel?

Just when I think I can't go any farther
and the terror is taking over
I see the lights of home ahead,
the first thing I've been able to see
in what feels like hours.

Finally I reach the door to home
and can finally catch my breath,
I look behind me to see what it was
that stocked and chased me through the night
and find that nothings there.

I know it was right behind me,
I heard it touch the step
and yet nothings standing there
but the shadow of myself.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Elapsed

    The suspense was amazing.. kept me intrigued the whole way. This piece gave me goose bumps lol.. Great work

  • 10 years ago

    by HisBlueEyedAngel

    I like it. You put some nice work in it....Just like you do all of your poems. Keep up all the good work....They are all good.

  • 10 years ago

    by Willow

    Ohh it gave me chills. nice one. 5/5.
    love willow oxox

  • 10 years ago

    by Nix

    Very interesting, it is deeper than it seems on a first look. I like the topic and atmosphere was very haunting. YOU REALLY IMPROVING YOUR TALENT(and that is very big and great thing) I am proud on you, this piece is amazing. It really deserves 5/5