Dance To The Rhythm Of My Darkness

by Nix   Dec 22, 2007

I am your master,
supreme sorcerer,
creator of black visions.

I am the one who will spill the blood
when the ritual comes to final phase,
I killed you,
tamed you...

I made a marionette of you,
so dance!

Here, on the graveyard, source of the night,
in the reality of dreams and demonic kingdom
where the colonies of mesmerized souls dwell,
in the heart of the azure crypt...
... I am your master.

Your nocturnal eyes swallow fragments of performance,
excepting porcelain particles of magic
passion for songs of dragons lays inside of you
your eyes are filled with darkness,
filled with darkness

I am darkness.

Make this entertaining-

You are not just another painting on the wall,
but I am an artist, colors are emotions.
Complex fibers of twisted minds
are droplets of inspiration now-
I'm thirsty...

This is my darkness...
Do you remember who I am?

Yet, I am giving you darkness,
giving you darkness,

I am giving you myself.

However, you are my master
and two marionettes make more than manipulator-
make Gods.

Before your eyes horizons are burned down,
borders lost in darkness.
I am tamed,
and you're the murderer.

You are an artist,
emotions equal colors...

Impress me,
take my breath,
render breath,
take breath away...
then recreate the air.

Simply said: you are my master
and I am yours
dance to the rhythm of my darkness.

Shall we dance again?

Thanks Britt for amazing title that inspired me!


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Latest Comments

  • Wow your just hypnotised me as i started 2 read it...i couldnt even look away if i had are astonding...keep up all of your good work!!!

  • 10 years ago

    by darkest4ever

    Great poem always

  • 10 years ago

    by Lizaveta

    The title reaaly got my attention coz it itself consists opf such a great imaginary and creates a perfect atmosphere for the poem.

    now about the poem: it's magical! i mean it's not like a usual accurate poem with 4-lined stanzas but really something unique. first i thought there was something wrong with rhythm, but i started reading it and realized it's great. It's very passionate and has such a strong metaphor of a dance. and the ending is unexpected though you reach it in your poem gradually.
    and back to the meaning, it really made me puzzled. i believe you wrote about human realtions, probably love... how relations are much like dance where one seems a marionettte or the other but in the end you realize both were marionettes of each other or probably of destiny. it's hard to solve the puzzle of your marvelous poem but i tried. (and btw this puzzle meaning is what i really love in poems)
    anyways, that is the impression i got.

    and the last line with a question is such an elegant way to end a poem.


  • 10 years ago

    by Sarah

    Speechless again and again ... you know, your poems would make great lyrics... I believe that the whole world should know your magic and enjoy it ...
    5/5 keep it up

  • 10 years ago

    by Kitten

    Oh my gosh I LOVED IT!!! you arnt a good writer you are a great writer i bow down to your greatness. best dark poem i've read in quite awhile i love your style 5/5