by Larry Chamberlin   Jan 26, 2008

My loose ends catch upon each other,
Sparks misfire circuits that are wired differently
From the norm, intuitive leaps that soar,
But sometimes fall to earth in electric fire.

Attention deficit is multitasking life
Many threads, many leads, great deeds;
But in the course, many dropped connections
Leading to open loops with no achievement made.

LMC January 26, 2008


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  • 6 years ago

    by Moonlit Candles

    I actually like seeing where people began. I thought this was done well. I liked how you incorporated the title into the poem. ADHD is something a lot of people can't have control of. It really takes a toll on people and changes their life. It was described very well here. I liked also all the little details such as "Sparks misfire circuits that are wired differently" It was neat. You could picture the electrical currents moving back and forth. All in all a great job. :)