Egret - Savior

by Larry Chamberlin   Jan 26, 2008

An egret lifted from its ditch and flew in front of me,
seconds avoiding death on my grill,
and swooping out and up only to circle
and settle again in the same spot in the ditch -
Ignorant of the jolting 'wakening it gave me
And ignorant that I was nearly asleep behind the wheel.

Don't ask the Burning Bush for knowledge,
It knows only the flame that licks its leaves.
The flying crow, the guiding occluded star,
even the mysterious stranger,
Each follows their own path, not knowing
that a motion or stillness on their part
Has been observed by you to be a sign
Of God's finger pointing the way.

The path to knowledge must be felt inside:
search your being for the resonance,
The unsolicited knowing that occurred
At the instant the sign was manifest.
This intuitive kenning is often lost in the clatter,
The excitement of experiencing the sign itself.

There's no such thing as coincidence,
But you can rationalize anything.

13 FEB 98
FM 2920, 1:00 am


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Latest Comments

  • 3 years ago

    by Darren

    I think it was there to wake you up.

    I believe that was what you were alluding to.

    Sounds like you agree with Leroy Gibbs rule number 39, no such thing as coincidence. (NCIS)

    Are you suggesting that there may be more to this Egret? a reincarnated loved one? A guardian angel?

    You also bring God into this?
    There's a debate to ignite the boards.

    I don't really know how I end up all the way back here...I bet it is interesting to contrast and compare your writing then, to your writing now.

    • 3 years ago

      by Larry Chamberlin

      Yes, but it's even more interesting to compare them to what I wrote 20 and 40 years ago!

      I don't suggest the bird was anything more than a bird. I believe the significance comes from the meaning I attributed to the experience, much like Eliade's heirophony.