Favorite Poems of Angie

  • Bird On The Wing (4) 3 WIN

    by celia stock

    Coming back down from the Boreal forest,
    The little twittering song birds gather with zest...

  • The Falling Lady (4) 6 WIN

    by Keleena

    The Falling Lady
    - Of a constellation in the night sky...

  • The Protective Mason (1)

    by OHgreenman

    Adhesive applied, then re-applied
    Containing a crumbling wall...

  • Celestial Minds (3)

    by Indian Comma Bean

    Picking supernovas from my garden
    In a desert far from nowhere...

  • Kid stuff (8) 5 WIN

    by Melissa

    I find it quite peculiar
    the way you blow kisses in my hair...

  • Bella Luna (1)

    by Baby Rainbow

    Take a second to stop and look
    at the beauty she beholds...

  • Crumbling Walls (Etheree) (1)

    by OHgreenman


  • Tsa-la-tsi-s-gi (8) 3

    by Maple Tree

    Galloping horses
    went to ride...

  • Paris (45) 9 WIN

    by Melpomene

    I've heard whispers of Paris lately,
    the city of love and some place foreign to me...

  • The Jester (7)

    by Maple Tree

    I stood under a random tree
    thirty minutes past...