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. I like writting poems , all kinda of poems . . Send me an email if you want to . If you read my poems please let me know what you think of them .

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  • I hope Ill be with you forever baby
    The one you call yours for a life time...

  • Some days go by just fine
    Others seem to never end...

  • All my worries all my fears
    I wish I could make them all just dissapear...

  • Broken (1)

    Don't tell me you miss me
    I know the truth you never did care...

  • Do you want to see the next tomorrow ?
    Where the sun shines bright...

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  • Once in a while , in the middle of an ordinary life , love gives you a fairytale.

    13 years ago
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  • All I Wanted Is For at least One Guy To Prove To Me, That They're Not All The Same.

    13 years ago
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  • Love is when you miss him
    even before he leaves when you
    could listen to him talk all night and
    never get tired of hearing his voice
    when the sound of his name sends
    chills down your spine and you see
    his smile the second you close your

    13 years ago
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