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Hi, i'm emma...and here are a few of my poems!i use them to try and release some of my feelings and emotions, and poetry is a good way of expressing yourself. please vote and comment and tell me what you think and i will try to return the favour. every comment and vote means a lot to me. xxx

I dont come on here as often as i used to because i am very busy, but i really appreciate coming on and reading comments. thanku to every1 who has taken the time to read my work

Emma x

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Latest Poems By xEmmax

  • It scared me when I finally did it.
    The pressure hit...

  • I called to you
    When I was breaking...

  • There was police tape fluttering in the breeze
    Dancing brightly in the eerie silence...

  • Looking into his fearful eyes
    I see ribbons of despair...

  • Storm (7)

    I hear the storm breaking out
    A fierce sea of cries...

Latest Quotes By xEmmax

  • “Words from enemy’s can be damaging, but from friends they leave the deepest scars”

    12 years ago
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  • Don't u see, this is killing me.

    12 years ago
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  • Those who harm themselves are not stupid, selfish, insane or attention-seeking.
    They are people who take things out on their bodies rather than shouting out their pain.

    12 years ago
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