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  • I'm new to this thing;
    having a life...

  • I Am a Pisces:
    I live in a fable world...

  • I bathe in my own dirt
    when ever my tears hit my skin...

  • The heaving of my chest, relaxes the tension in my...
    Reminding me that I've been here before...

  • Numb (1)

    We pass in the hallway as if strangers to each...
    your eyes are cold and your presence is dead...

Latest Quotes By Milla

  • &&There comes a time in your life where the people
    you thought you could trust; you cant
    And the people you thought you couldnt;you can
    You can either go with the change or get lost in it

    11 years ago
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  • &I love the way that Everytime i get near you
    The Butterflys get worse and worse<3

    11 years ago
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  • Just give me that one kiss that makes the world spin faster and my heart beat slower...Just give me that kiss that i know you will always be there

    12 years ago
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