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***NOTE: I have deleted a lot of my poems because I've been editing and preparing them for submission to the literary markets and editors in general want 'unpublished' pieces. Also I have noted a few people have posted my pieces on other sites. They listed me as the author but as the piece is on the internet it makes it hard to get it published by the literary markets. I appreciate the gesture (for they were posted with good intent) and usually I wouldn't mind, but please check with me first if you care to post something of mine (thank you).
Also, though I still stop in here to read now & then, I have pretty much moved my base of operations to FaceBook (I do have some of my work posted there). I hope any old friends (or welcome any new ones) will contact me there.

I do not write my poems, I live them.

I was born on July 15, 1964 and have lived my whole life in a small northern Illinois city where I grew up in the rough/poor west end section, which we took pride in as kids, was an only child (the library was an early and constant companion),I have been writing poetry and fiction since childhood.The poems began as teenage lyrics for our rock band that never took off.Later they became a way to release some of the emotion that seemed to burn unbearably inside me.It became cathartic, a type of therapy, and a creative outlet.As this area is pretty much a literary wasteland I was not exposed to much poetry outside the basics(Poe, Sandburg, Frost), later I was more influenced by the singers/songwriters of various bands-Michael Stipe of R.E.M., Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison of the Doors, Simon & Garfunkel, Trent Reznor of NIN,Fish of the band Marillion(incredible lyrics on the first four albums!),Leonard Cohen, and a few others. I wrote mainly for myself, with dreams of being a published writer,but kept stuff pretty much private until my girlfriend at that time read some and encouraged me to submit to the magazines.It had never occurred to me to submit them for publication, much less realize there was even a market out there.I write because I cannot NOT write.After some trial and error I stumbled into the Small Press world and was warmly embraced.The small presses are truly wonderful-the people you meet(editors/publishers/poets), the experiences, the exposure. So then throughout the 1990's I was a popular and widely published poet in the small presses.In a zine interview a few years back I was asked about my 'style'-I replied 'my style was to have no style', I write primarily free verse as I find it more open to image (and more freedom in general), I've written haiku, pantoums, villanelles, rondeaus,lyrical, experimental, a modified version of 'found' poetry, etc.Though I have quite a few rhyming pieces, I generally try to avoid rhyme for the mere fact it is hard to write a good rhyming poem-so many rhymes/words/subjects are trite and cliched. I found most editors also avoid rhyme unless it is truly outstanding.There are exceptions to everything however. I don't always set out to write a particular type of poem--usually the poem itself dictates the form I use.I enjoy trying new styles/approaches. It's always good practice to try different forms/styles rather than get locked into one style, this also reveals one's strengths and weaknesses.

Writing credits:Have had hundreds of pieces published in the small press literary magazines,, won a few awards/contests, have been published in every state and 4 countries.Have had 4 chapbooks published (the most recent being 1999's CLOUDS LOOK DIFFERENT AT NIGHT by BoneWorld Publishing).Also did a few readings at coffeehouses and bookstores(Barnes & Nobles, Walden Books, etc.) and other places. From 1995-1999, ran my own modest venture, Lone Wolf Publications, serving as editor/publisher for it's 'zine, The Web, a journal of poetry & art, and as co-editor for it's sister publication, The Rolling Paper Review.

I had been on hiatus (more or less) for awhile (became somewhat of a recluse and suffered a horrid bout of writer's block for about 5 years, 2000-2005) and am attempting a 'comeback' of sorts(and trying to break free of the image I became-the tragic/romantic/loner/melancholy/dreamer poet which helped colour my best work but also included bouts of self-destruction and not a lifestyle to maintain by any means).I am sensitive,caring, understanding, laid back, have a great sense of humor(I love to make others laugh), though no saint, I like to think I'm basically a good person.***********
Besides writing, I love reading, LOVE music of all kinds (and I do mean all kinds- Monkees, Doors, Vince Guaraldi, Shakira, Nine Inch Nails, Snow Patrol, Rippingtons, Fuel, Beatles, King's X, etc. Rock, Pop, Jazz, New age, alternative, industrial, movie soundtracks, Heavy Metal, etc.) Also a movie/dvd fan (some faves-Memento, Platoon, Brotherhood Of The Wolf, My Big Fat Independent Movie, Reservoir Dogs, Snatch, 84 Charlie MoPic, -so many others!) I love playing chess,enjoy going to parks,like going to the occassional rock or jazz concert, hopping into the car and taking road cruises to nowhere, enjoy a quiet night at home, also going to coffeehouses/poetry readings,and absolutely love storms and the quiet calm before one hits(when you can just feel it coming in the stillness and exhilaration of the air),also have interests/like eastern & western & native american philosophies/sprituality, pop culture trivia, lighthouses, incense, wolves,storms,the moon, candles, jesters,the stars, fractals, clouds, scarecrows, nature, collecting autographs(& other stuff).*************
Too many people get caught up in the act of living to be truly alive; struggling to survive in our society(a society/culture that dictates lifestyle and that clouds our hearts and vision to the things that really matter), that they stop seeing and appreciating what I like to call the world behind things-the everyday things we become so used to or forget to notice(stars, wind, trees, love, the sky, animals, others around us, the beauty and emotions things evoke to make us feel alive, to see the world and this life in all the wonder and awe we did as children etc.).Never take anything for granted.Anything. I have a grown daughter(Erika-29) and I am single and live alone, though I share an apartment with a large orange cat and many many books, cds & dvds.
I have always hoped to find that special someone (soulmate) with a heart to match the capacity of passion in my own heart. Someone who saw the world in much the same way I do, who has similiar tastes, thoughts, feelings, yet is her own unique person, someone whom I can grow with in love and life (It's either that or just get old and bitter. Just kidding).
I try to live life the best I can and continue to grow (yet retain a sense of innocence and wonder of the inner child) and learn and seek to attain serenity, happiness, wisdom, contentedness and be alive.
Thanks for checking out my work. All comments appreciated.(Especially the older poems (which I consider my best work, with a few exceptions) not just the most recent ones-thanks!)
Note:I am attempting to compile a 'Best Of' collection so I'd appreciate your taking the time to vote and comment as this will help decide which poems to use in the collection.Thanks. I appreciate the votes but would rather have more comments-what the reader likes or don't like, what works what don't, comments on image, structure, content, etc.More in-depth feedback.This would be much appreciated.
Also I have been contacted by various members for advice and critiques, I am happy to offer what ever advice, technical or personal, discuss basics, markets,writing techniques, etc. I'm always willing to help those starting out(or discuss with those already established poets) as I had to learn things the slow hard way! So feel free to contact me (not that I know it all, lol!).
For anyone interested I have a topic in the discussion forumn with contributions from many notable P&Q members, regarding writing habits, definitions of forms and styles, exercises, poetry submission markets for getting published, tips on writer's block and much more- it's lengthy but there is a wealth of information there. It is now locked but can still be read/accessed. It's titled NOTES ON WRITING POETRY at
Also there is a continuation of this post called NOTES ON WRITING POETRY-Part II at

And lastly, I would like to add there are some truly talented and amazing poets/poetry on this site and I am honored to be in their company(and have learned much from some of them) and have been touched by not only the poems but the people behind them.
Thank you.
Peace, Poetry & Power!

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    Sometimes you can't wait for things to happen,
    sometimes you have to make them happen.


    There is a time to wait for things to happen and a there is a time to make things happen: one must have the wisdom to know the difference.

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    Embrace hope carefully, for it is like the rose, beautiful, but with it's painful thorns, both must be handled carefully;

    Hope can keep you going through life,
    and hope can utterly destroy you.

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    Changing oneself is only difficult if there is resistance in the mind, you can overcome the resistance if the desire to change is great enough.
    Which still doesn't mean it will be any easier.

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