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I am a seventeen year old girl. I enjoy hanging out, dancing, swimming, bikeriding, and reading. I also have an obvious hobby, poetry. other than that i love to just kick back with my friends and see what kind of trouble i can get into lol...i have poems on here from the past so dont assume it is me now...but lately i have been going to church a lot and it has really enlightened me and my poetry...ill add my new stuff later yeah.....bye!!

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  • Age : 17
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  • Country : USA, Hawaii
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Latest Poems By barbara

  • When you come in my eyes are red
    and my cheeks are flushed of color...

  • Walking down the alley i heard a baby cry
    at first i smiled at the child's precious sound...

  • I look at my angel and i wonder how?
    someone left her to die on the streets...

  • The first time you came I just smiled
    it felt good to have someone to trust...

  • The first time we met his eyes took my soul
    something made me want him for mine...

Latest Quotes By barbara

  • You go on and on about what you think is wrong and then you turn around and do it? why is it okay for you and no one else?

    11 years ago
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  • How do i know you still love me when all you do is make me cry.....

    11 years ago
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  • The death of one can devistate an entire population

    12 years ago
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