Favorite Poems of Lady Nik

  • What Is Death? (4)

    by Finding myself

    Death has always fascinated me
    Not knowing whats on the other side...

  • Like A Lie (4) 2

    by Hallo A Lilium

    It's like a lie that you continue to tell
    Always pretending every thing's going well...

  • Over the Brink (1)

    by My Mistakes

    Sleek silver blade
    dancing across my skin...

  • Gone (1)

    by Mel

    The green dress by the door
    will be put in the same box as...

  • Candy cane kisses slip on the breeze
    as the bells sing to their own tune...

  • Dont you know (1)

    by ChaosHarbour

    And don't you know
    that i would die...

  • I want to play (5)

    by Poetic Ninja aka Papachopchop

    How I long to hear you scream,
    When I do my little things...

  • Pain's Game (1)

    by Sadie bishop

    Her Pain, is not a game
    But she plays game with...

  • You reached your hand out
    to me...

  • Here i am
    standing like that night I...

  • A memory (1)

    by Summer

    I always lie awake at night
    thinking of my life...

  • My heart is full of pain,
    so much shame, no energy to complain...

  • The last goodbye. (1)

    by Taylor

    Happy children play in the field firecrackers a...

  • One Less (2)

    by HiDeSinHoLeS

    The tears always cried
    The fears that always thrive...

  • I Love you... (1)

    by NCMZ

    April 24, 2007
    Are you giving up...

  • Little Angel (1)

    by isa

    You never got the chance to be
    God took you into his arms...

  • World outside my window. (1)

    by sweetiepie18

    There's a world outside my window,
    If I could only see...

  • Love and Hate (2)

    by iloveyouandrew

    I love being close to him
    feeling his heartbeat next to me...

  • Face in the mirror (6)

    by deadbeatromance

    Look in the mirror,
    and tell me who you see...

  • Invisible Misery (1)

    by Sarah Drew

    Pretending you don`t hurt
    You make up lies...

  • Violet hair (1)

    by Sadie bishop

    Violet, lushful hair bloomed
    behind the stairs, a lonesome girl...

  • Wasting Away (1)

    by ChaosHarbour

    Why do you treat me
    the way that you do...