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if u only read a few these are my favorite of mine - as my tears freeze,do u see the scars on her arms?,faking fine,why u criin girl(rather long poem),as i cri again,the most amazing family,there once was a day,with death in her eyes,sweet reminder

one angel changed my life forever everyday he holds me in his arms an i have no fear day or night cause i know he'd do anything for me
an in some ways already has
thank you babesky

from my own song <i dont have to worry about some day, cause that day , will be taken care of, with u by my side>

bc i could go to japan but that doesn't make me japanese
so dont go to church and think that makes u (a saved) christian

qoutes i like: ~ur life my be the only bible some people read~ <its not what u count on in life its who> ~ real love stories never have endings~ <together is the best place to be> ~all bc 2 people fell in love... ~

im a christian and im proud of it
ask me anything you want

Personal holiness is more important than temporal happiness. Ephesians 5:26-27
My suffering will not last forever. II Corinthians 4:17-18, Psalms 30:5

so pm me w/ a problem or story or at least read a poem of mine and rate or comment it and if u read this then tell me to read some of urs
i like music check out family force 5 skillet an to be juliet's secret
family force 5- "i love u to death" "face down" "d-i-e 4 y-o-u"

i like flyleaf check that band out

random song lyrics from songs i like

"in ur arms i am safe"in ur word stands a promise" in ur heart is compassion"

" i fall to my knees" "i love u endlessly"

"ur callin me away"
"my heart open wide"
"everything u r comes alive" "when im alone with u" "When im running scared" "of all i have to be" " i hear u whisper softly"

(take a look around and think of 5 things to smile or laugh about )//

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  • How can I miss the future so much?

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  • He left a scar on my heart
    so i drew one on my arm

    9 years ago
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  • Its like living in a movie you dont wanna see
    being a person u wouldn't wanna be

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