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<<I'm trying to go back to writing poems after such long absence.
You see, I become quite busy after entering college. I think my school really wants to kill me. XD

Btw, please leave comments on my poems. I wanna know what people think about my works so that I can do something to improve them. I'll really appreciate if you do. ^^

Ja ne?

~enigmatic prey

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  • Hmm...Staring at the eternal somber dome above,
    I look for ideas about things I could write...

  • When I aked you to stop loving me,
    Didn't you say it was as if asking you to stop...

  • I can't seem to find the words
    To say things I've been going through...

  • Lush, blood-like petals and thorns betrothed
    With dazzling beauty that stuns within...

  • I got something to tell about this feeling all so...
    Something that leads me to getting crazy over you...

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  • I used to wish that friendship would never be like a glass because I never wanted to have it broken......but something changed......I want friendship to be a glass.....so that I could replace the broken one...

    11 years ago
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  • They say falling in love is so good to be felt..but why is it I'm hurt right now?

    Why do I always feel my heart is aching and crying?

    Is it included in loving someone?

    Is it included in loving YOU?


    11 years ago
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  • Whatever blessing or gift God has given to you, no matter how small, you must be thankful for it...because surely it has a great purpose.....


    11 years ago
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