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to write is to be free,
to feel like i am truly me,
and that is what i need.
so sometimes i choose to write instead of bleed.------------------------------------------------------

HEY everybody. My name is Samantha.
i am just a gril who loves to write
and i always write form my heart.
if you read my work you are reading about me.
i dont sit down and think about writng...i just write about what i am feeling when i am feeling it.-----------------------------------------------------------

hope you like my work and if not, well then thats just too bad isnt it. ;)
give me a comment saying what you think is wrong . i always love it improve my writing.------------------------------------------------------

ty to all who take the time to read my work.

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  • When you worry about things you can't control you're only losing control over the only thing you do control, yourself.

    9 years ago
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  • You can only change yourself, so stop trying to change the ppl around you and start looking in the mirror.

    9 years ago
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  • Show me the way and i shall fallow.

    9 years ago
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