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Hello, welcome to my poetry account here. Most of my poems are about myself, yet NOT ALL ARE. So no I'm not compleatly insane / suicidal... so yea. I'm just a girl with some tiny bit of talent for expressing myself in poetry. YES my poems might suck but its only cause I dont perfect them...what you see below are just jotted down short poems/extreamly long "venting" I dont go back and fix them they are the way they are and that just how they came out. I know this place is used rarely by people but I still love it here for my own reasons. My poems and quotes are just for me and to help inprove my writing so theres not much to say here...if you'd like to talk I'm here, if not...the back button is up on your left hand side of the page<3 thank you- CateRock

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  • Is it wrong I donno where I want to be or who's arms I want to be in when I've spent all my lives in search of these two answers...?

    7 years ago
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  • Don't fight to live cause were living to die.
    Don't choke on your fears just jump off and fly...
    learn to live and live to learn
    in the end it's our wings well earn.

    8 years ago
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  • "It takes more nerve to walk down a uncovered street in the pouring rain with a big smile on your face, than it does towalk down that same street with the sun out and that same smile"


    9 years ago
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