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Date: 03-21-2017

It's strange to look back at my old poems, the one's I wrote in 2008.

I was a 15 year old drop-out with such severe depression that had so much bitterness because I couldn't understand the world around me, and scared to grow-up because I didn't know what I wanted to be in life or where life would take me. Teenage years are definitely one of the most difficult times.

But here I am now, a 23 year old senior in a university who is about to graduate in less than 2 months with his Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) and obtain my RN (Registered Nurse) license, along with working in a big city hospital that is ranked highly world-wide, AND move to said big city on my own and let the adventures take me where they may.

So much has happened between 15 year old me and now. So much still happens, but this is proof that I can survive anything (including my first real love heartbreak recently, loss of friends, and more). No matter the pain I had and will endure, no one can take away the things I have worked for. I have climbed my way from the bottom and found the light.

I still write. The difference between then and now is mind-blowing. Lol. My goal for today and for the rest of my life is to inspire and help those as far as I can. Of course I am still learning MANY life lessons and get knocked down MANY times, but it's how we react that defines the shape of our future. And when they say to hold on because the darkness will eventually pass and things will get better, they are absolutely right. Just hang tight, and do. not. lose. hope. So much happens in a day (whether it directly or indirectly involves us), just imagine how much many amazing, life-altering things will happen in a year or five. I mean if you truly think about it, was your life the exact same a year or two ago?

Message me. I will be back to visit :)

Jessie Wayne

P.S. I'm trying to change my profile picture to a recent photo. However, I am not having the easiest of times. Suggestions as to what I am doing wrong? Thank you in advance!

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