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Suicide survivor...hoping that expressing my poetry makes life worth living....UPDATE!! You can comment (negative or positive) on all my poems. Feed back is good but not a necessity. Just as long as you saw what I was describing and walkk away feeling a little better, then I'm happy :) UPDATE!! Just changed my name. Originally Chris Green. #chicago

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  • I need you to make it through the night he said,
    over and over that's what he would say...

  • Yes baby I understand you've been alone,
    and I know I have been gone for far too long...

  • Visions of the life we were suppose to have...
    from every sleepless night...

  • I don't even care if you cry,
    Everything that you told me is a lie...

  • No more tears just acceptance of who I am,
    I dare not tell you because you won't understand...

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  • I'm a functioning suicidalist

    9 months ago
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  • A suicide note never expires

    4 years ago
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  • There is beauty in sadness

    4 years ago
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