Favorite Poems of Mihir Deshmukh

  • Diligence. 1

    by Purvi Gadia

    I do not share my truth on you
    (I never will...

  • I am pregnant. (3) 3

    by Purvi Gadia

    The tides of time sway the foam of my memories -
    my memory is not the best...

  • Calmness of nothing. (2) 2

    by Purvi Gadia

    10:34 a.m.
    I'm gathering raindrops in hopes that they'll form...

  • My condolences. (4) 5 HM

    by Purvi Gadia

    She is dying,
    I know she shall not survive it...

  • Autophagy. (6) 11 WIN

    by Purvi Gadia


  • Not because my heart
    feels like an imposing...

  • Baka Baka Mihir. (2) 3

    by Purvi Gadia

    I have a friend.
    He's as stupid as I am...

  • The Dissipate Soul (5) 5

    by Larry Chamberlin

    There are times I feel my life has
    gone upside down for no reason...

  • Somewhere amongst the
    scattered commas...

  • 2012 (3)

    by Purvi Gadia

    I don't know why do you expect me to hate you
    when you have given me so much to remember...

  • I will resurrect. (4) 1

    by Purvi Gadia

    I will resurrect;
    from the ashes that burnt me...

  • Did it survive? * (4) 1

    by Purvi Gadia

    My insanity drove me crazy,
    and that craziness spread everywhere...

  • I Was Not a Naked Tree (2)

    by Everlasting

    I was born in a land where Spanish was the ground...
    And I, just like a tree who was moved to another...

  • Dying flame (one last tear) (2)

    by Dancing Rivers

    Life is a furnace of memories,
    as each day passes by...

  • Notebooks (5) 5 HM

    by Everlasting

    If it were for me,
    I'd search between pages and pages...

  • Dear Author (4)

    by Everlasting

    In this depressive day, when rain falls like tears
    could you hold me like a pen, in between your...

  • You'll Find Someone Else (288) 10

    by TinyDancer46

    Age of six
    He loved her so...