Stuck Between Distrust & Love!

by Jack Crimson Nightengale

I've finally found someone to make me happy!
With her I think my life will go pretty snappy!

I love to be hers as i to her she is my favorite toy,
Like her name states thats what she brings to me, Joy!

I hate that my ex still loves me!
I wish she would make like a scardy cat and flee!

She has my name tattooed on her back!
I wish she would run as if she was on the track!

I have Joy and That's My Love!
I love that girl cause she's as gentle as a Dove!
I have my ex and that's my distrust,
I want to get away from her before I burst!

I know what I want And I know who's above,
But All I know is that I'm Stuck Between Distrust & Love!



Submission date : 2008-06-04

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jayjay ( F P C D ) at 2008-06-10

I really like this and i like how u put your name after all your wrok! 5/5