by ShIsAnA tHe OnE aNd OnLy

Grab a gun and have some
fun think about what you've

Remember when a
stranger said that??chill I
came and sang a song then
I made you think about it
you are perfectly find my
dear,you don't have anything
wrong, thanks god you are
fine don't listen to him!!


Goes the gun, I warned her.

why are men like this?? Sooner
or later will be another girl
till, there's two left.
Well See you
in hell girl, There's the end of her.

my first death poem i actually read this in front of 200 people in this one place in Minnesota


Submission date : 2010-03-23
Last edit : 2010-09-26

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Rating : 5.0

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Latest comments

Second to None ( F P C D ) at 2010-04-09

Wow, i admire you for your courage of reading this infront of so many people. i could never do that, no matter how badly i wanted to. but anyways, back to the poem. i really like how you used onamatapia and said BOOM. that made a nice impact on the write. im just having a hard time uderstanding how how you are breaking this into diferent lines and stuff like that. but hey, all writers have their own style so go for it(:

victoria ( F C ) at 2010-04-10

Wow...i give u props for standing infront of people and reading that. I could barley read my poem infront of my english class.lmao. but anyways..i liked the poem.liked the concept...i would just break it up so it can be easier to read.=]. i enjoyed the whole BOOM things the reader a "feel".


Siham ( F C ) at 2010-08-14

Courageous step , i really congratulate u ...concerning this poem , truly good job ur words select carefully
once again well written 5/5

Pretty Girl Swaggg ( F P C D ) at 2010-08-15

I totally give you props for readin this in front of people... I couldn't read most of my stuff like this in front of ppl.

But trust me hun, suicide is NEVER the answer. It may seem like it at times but I've learned the hard way thats it better to just deal with wat your goin thru.

mandy ( F C D ) at 2010-09-05

A sad poem, filled with strong emotions.

Make sure to edit your poems, spelling mistakes can really take away from the flow of the poem, and makes it hard to concentrate on what the other is saying.

Great job, 5/5

mandy :)