Wings Of Innocence

by Baby Rainbow

I was the Blackbird trying to understand the energies of mother nature
but you were the Albatross sending omens through the sky.
I was the Hummingbird seeking joy in the trees around me
but you were the Mockingbird knowing that your sole purpose was to destroy me.
I was the tiny Loon with big wishes, hopes and dreams
but you were the Woodpecker who would peck them apart one by one.

I once was a Parrot with vibrant colours
but you were the Vulture who killed my sunshine
and made me into the Crow
who became the master of illusions.

I once was a Swan who believed in her beauty
but you were the Canary with the voice of power that stripped her naked.
I became the Chicken, the ultimate sacrifice
as you became the Peacock that groomed your feathers with pride.
I longed to be a Raven so I could believe in magic
but you were already the Hawk, the messenger with visionary power.
You trained me to be a Quail, keeping your secrets under my beak
while you remained a Grouse who kept me caged in your sacred spiral.

As an innocent Bluebird, I cried at my drastic transformation
but as a Gull you greedily stole my right to communicate.
I realised that I would never be;
a Crane who received justice,
a Dove who believed in peace,
a Duck who wanted emotional protection
or a Macaw who would see a new light.

I will never be an Eagle with the ability to grow healing feathers
because you will always be The African Crowned Eagle
that caged me as a Pigeon inside your wing
and wisely trained me to return home at the sound of your call.



( I used the meaning of birds through spiritual symbolism and what people believe they can represent. )


Submission date : 2013-01-24
Last edit : 2014-08-18

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Rating : 4.9

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Latest comments

Midnight Sky ( F C ) at 2014-02-13

I give this one a 5\5 & two thumbs up :)

Tara ( F P C ) at 2014-03-10

Your endings are so powerful!! Another poem where the ending gave me goosebumps. I can feel your words, this is very well done. 5/5 ~Tara

Maher ( F P C D ) at 2014-07-09

I love birds and this poem is my cup of tea. I especially love the many different birds used to represent the changes and pressures you describe artfully in this poem. A poem that involves research, cultural belief and superstition to a degree.

In other words, I really like it!

tylersgirl ( F P C ) at 2014-09-23

Your an amazing writer. you give writing a new twist. good job.

Ben Pickard ( F C D ) at 2015-07-16

Birds have been a passion of mine for years Saffie, so I was instantly drawn to this. Original, clever piece and I loved the ending.

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