Falling apart

by Penguin

I lay on the ground crying
holding my self together
its amazing i can breathe
but it hurts so good
this hole in my chest
gets bigger each day
and the edges are raw
i wrap my arms around myself
so that i don't fall apart
but its too much
i reach for the razor
my best friend tonight
pull it up to my wrist
have to do it right
make a hard deep line
down the length of my arm
and sigh in relief as the pain comes
I've been so numb
since you went away
but now I'll just be gone
i wont scream from the dreams
i wont cut any more
i wont try to find something better
you wont have to worry about me
it'll finally be over forever


Submission date : 2007-05-07

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Latest comments

Lissa01 at 2007-05-07

I know exactly what you feel.
your dying on your knees, and want to screem everything out.
you cut yourself so you have the feeling that you still feel things.
just like me, i turned into an emotionless person,
but when i cut my self i feel pain.
at least i feel something.
just try to stay strong ,
we'll make it someday.