No one

by Ren   Mar 3, 2008

I love you

I always have loved you
and you only love me when it is convenient to you
You only love me when you are bored
when you are lonely

I think of you
When I am awake
When I am sleeping
When I am with you
and when we are far away
and you only think of me
when you are reminded that we are SUPPOSED to be together
you only think of me when you must

I miss you
I miss you when we are far
and when we are near
I miss your love and your touch
because I know it just isn't the same, and it probably wont come back

You don't miss me...
Not when I am far, not when I am near

and thats okay

Just know that I miss you, think of you, and will always love you.

This poem is not aimed towards anyone in particular. I just felt like writing.


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  • 14 years ago

    by Eman D

    I thought it was straight up u know? Straight from the heart type stuff. 5/5.