Wish Upon A Storm

by JEFF   Mar 7, 2008

A group of old friends taking off for some fun,
renting a yacht as they head out into the sun.
Laughing and joking about this trip they have started,
not knowing the trouble that lies from where they departed.

Making their way through the Bermuda Triangle,
as they lay waste to the most southern islands.
A storm swoops in fast as their smiles disappear,
over the high seas and pushing through the rain bands.

John spots a lighthouse off in the distance,
shelter from the storm was on all their minds.
Kevin looks at the map where no islands are marked,
closer and closer they come to the shore line.

Rick is on the bow of the ship pointing to the right,
a wide open river getting us out of this monsoon.
The Island seemed to be like a really large mountain,
the river had taken us into a large beautiful lagoon.

A long wide dock sat on the far side of this basin,
from what they could see was a massive resort on a hill.
Docking the boat they decide to take a look around,
as they head down the pier they had lots of time to kill.

Walking into the lobby which was clean and smelt great,
they were greeted by a bellhop with a smile and a grin.
Kevin asked "what's the name of this place"?
bellhop responds "Not on a map, just call this place sin".

John says "Whatever just give us four rooms for the night",
bellhop says "We do not offer rooms for one night stays".
"We only offer two week packages with everything you need,
and those two weeks will be the best time ever I must say".

They all discuss what they want to do,
this place is nice and might be quite fun.
Some want to leave and deal with the storm,
Sarah says "please lets just stay here Hun".

Todd says "What the hell lets just stay here for two weeks,
theres a storm raging outside and I really want to eat".
So they all Paid for their packages as the bellhop says,
"You wont regret a minute of your stay it will be a treat".

Heading off to their rooms on the twenty fourth floor,
amazed at the size and beauty of this glorious place.
Todd notices his key has something written on the side,
it reads "Our greatest wish in life is a smile on your face".

Reaching the room and the door's each read,
"What you see behind this door is only your dream".
John opens his door to find he has been transported,
thrown into Africa with a rifle and a hunting team.

Todd and Sarah open their door to find their in space,
both are orbiting Mars in a shuttle they designed.
Running studies on the planet and creating a new place,
for one day humans will leave Earth behind.

Kevin and Judy go through their door to see mountains,
their in a log cabin in Colorado with alot of gear.
Stuff they will use to climb this rough terrain with,
they see backpacks, rope, canteens, and pick axes here.

Last but not least we have Rick by himself,
Rick's an overweight guy whose only dream is to be thin.
So his room looks normal to his naked eye,
but his clothes are now loose and falling off his skin.

Rick has longed for the day that he would feel so good,
jumping around as he shouts "I feel light as a butterfly".
Not understanding what has happened he runs to tell his friends,
their doors all locked, he runs down stairs He dosen't know why.

Reaching the main lobby which is full of people,
looking around through the crowd Rick starts to see.
There all people from his past in there current state,
Rick is surprised at what they have come to be.

Old and quite large as they stand before him,
hugging and greeting everybody with a smile and a grin.
Rick seems to be the life of this party,
so many old friend he has no clue where to begin.

By the end of the two weeks their wishes all fulfilled,
they make their way out of this fabulous vacation spot.
Rick standing in the lobby not wanting to leave,
for a dream to remain thin is one he doesn't want to stop.

The bellhop turns to Rick and says "What is wrong Sir"?
"Did you not enjoy your time at are glorious facility"?
Rick responds "I did" as his head drops to the floor.
"I know when I leave here I will lose this great ability".

The bellhop turns to Rick and says "You can keep your wish",
"There is only one condition, to make this work for you today".
Rick says "Anything that you ask of me I'll do for you",
bellhop says "Your friends dreams and wishes will need to stay".

Rick knows deep down he can not ask for them to do this,
but his friends know that their dreams are just memories.
So they decide to give Rick his dream to be thin,
and for their sacrifice for him is one that he is pleased.

(c) JefferySprague Mar-05-2008


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