A Volcano's Fury

by JEFF   Mar 20, 2008

A Dark mountain shades the land,
spewing smoke through the sky.
Ashes fall like snow flakes on my hand,
as the mountains fury sends out its loud cries.

As the peak opens and flows of orange and red,
for the pressure it can no longer hide.
Swells of molten lava slide like a sled,
scorching the trees on the mountainside.

Considerable amount of blistering boulder's,
soaring through the upper atmosphere.
Crashing down on the Earth with such fury,
excitement turns to panic and fear.

Buildings engulfed in a mass of fiery liquid,
searing and cauterizing them like a matchbook.
People caught in cars with their dogs and their kids,
all you can do is turn your head and not look.

Your ears hear the screams of pain and misbelief,
as gravity controls this path of devastation.
Some fall down praying as they grieve,
asking God to help us in this tragic situation.

As the smelting Lava flow ceases and hardens,
people of this town stand in shock and horror.
Should we rebuild and replant are life in this garden,
digging through this rubble like a great explorer.

Hesitation is key to trust what has transpired,
for Mother Earth sets free the fury of her land.
Wanting to leave is my greatest desire,
for our house has been turned into ashes in my hand.


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by BurriedFaceDown

    Good use of discription. It is like
    the ways of mother nature that we don't like
    to be reminded of

  • 13 years ago

    by girlnextdoor

    This is really good, for some reason I feel as if it's not quite finished yet though, it seems like there should be another stanza to finish it off