For God Will Decide

by JEFF   Mar 19, 2008

To stand on a mountain top, looking out among the land.
Wondering how God created, such beauty with only His two hands.
The Earth in orbit around the sun, just far enough away.
But close enough to feel the heat, that warms us everyday.

Staring down between the trees, at this land our Lord has created.
People too busy to stop and see, how polluted they have made it.
We waste each day contaminating our planet, no one seems to care.
Soon the day will come, when our Messiah's rod will only spare.

The few people among us, who did take the time to help and share.
Keep our planet clean, and honor our God as if He was still here.
For His return will be, one of great importance and need.
The day of Armageddon, is a day of cleansing among the creed.


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  • 13 years ago

    by Lemon Square Bear23

    Wow that was truly amazing! ur an excellent writter, i love this piece its so true, and im sure God loves it too! nice write 5/5 always