Inspiration To Believe In Yourself

by Lynzie   Mar 18, 2008

Life is too short to worry about the drama, lies, and heartbreak
Take the good with the bad and smile even if you're sad
Remember all you had and what is left to come
The nights were long and the tears were cold
But I finally came to the conclusion to let you go
I will no longer believe in what you once said
Your chest is no longer a place for my head
There is something more waiting for me
Your hand I no longer need

If you keep you expectations low and hopes high
Have your true friends forever at your side
People talk stuff they cant back up
Just brush it off and be tough
You want to talk about things you don't know
However I'm a big girl so I will let it go
No I wasn't the reason that he left you
There was only one reason he said we're through
That reason being he had finally seen who you were
He started a new chapter and opened a new door
So leave it alone and don't blame it on me
You as well have a new start so just turn the other cheek

You should never regret something that once made you smile
Never give up on what you once loved
Everyone will feel one heart break in his or her life
Love and learn forget and forgive
You only have one life to live
You will not bring me down, or ever make me cry
I know how to choose what's best in my life
And your not a part of what makes me happy
Sure it was fun while we were laughing
Though the laughing soon had to cease
Your love for me had become weak
I chose to walk away though it's a not a regret
I'm not going to lie I'm glad I left
It's made me stronger and I realized what I didn't need
You will never again be a part of me

With age wisdom is sure to come I've learned a lot
Be who you are and forget who your not
Be proud, bold, and beautiful just be you
If you get a chance take it, if it changes your life let it
No one ever said it would be easy they only said it would be worth it
Confidence is what makes me who I am
Believing in myself turned me around
I no longer care who judges or doesn't judge me
Don't look if your not impressed with what you see
But just know it won't cause me to loose any sleep
Cause I'm loved for who I am I'm loved for me
Better believe its something you could never be

Don't reminisce on the people in your past
There is a reason they didn't make it to your future
Do what makes you happy; laugh as long and you breathe
Love as long as you live and live life to the fullest
The letters are ripped the pictures are burned
Its another roll another page to turn
You're a face of the past and a memory that's faded
The future is gold and never will be jaded
My book of life has a new chapter
It will end with a happily ever after
My world of you was left broken and shattered
However now it no longer matters
You're with her and I'm with myself
The cards of heartbreak had been dealt
But no looking back what's done is done
I'm living my life and having fun

Remember people will continue to talk about you
So just give them something to talk about
Your still talking that same old talk
The one you cant follow up with the walk
Just get it out say what you have to say
I'm going to keep on doing the same thing
Just brushing it off not letting it bother
Now you think you have the right to holler
Let me put you in your place so that you don't get hurt
Number one is number one don't end up in the dirt
The ups, the downs, twist, and turns
The more you spin the more you learn
If there is a problem tell them to solve it
If you're trippin over it tie your shoes
If for some reason you cant stand me then sit down
If you cant face me I suggest you turn around

Every story has an end but every end has a new beginning
And with you gone that's what I've been given
I'm not trying to please anyone or make you smile
I have my own life as well as my style
My life is to be lived only for me
No longer for you and never will be
Might as well find someone as low and dirty as you
Because I can play the game exactly like you
Though I would never cheat nor deceive
They told me I didn't need you and now I believe
I'm a big girl now and they say big girls don't cry
They also say once a liar they continue to lie
Everything happens for a reason and my reason is this
My life has a bigger plan and one that's promised


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