Pact Of Love

by Lynzie   Aug 30, 2007

Why cant you see that all I want is you
What will it take for you to believe its true?
How many more time do I need to show?
Before with out a doubt you finally know

That you're the only one for me
Why is that hard for you to see?
I try time and time again
Just to get you to let me in

I hope in the end its worth it all
Just so no more tears will fall
All I need to know is do you trust in this
I want you to make one simple promise

To let me in without any fear
Just know in your heart I'll be there
For me just please take this chance
And come with me on one final dance

One that wont end when the music stops
Cause for you my heart has already dropped
It has fallen and rings for only you
Please tell me you feel all of this too

I want to go on journey and never come back
I want to seal our love with one final pact
One that means if you jump I jump
One that along the way will have little bumps

But when the day has come to an end
You will be my lover and my best friend
I want to set out on a life of you and me
Doesn'that sound wonderful please can it be?



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