Up To You

by Lynzie   Sep 7, 2007

Looking outside my window
Wondering if again your face will show
Then more questions fill up in my head
Like why at night I cry alone in my bed

You left without even saying good-bye
Just up and gone with me there to wonder why
Wondering what in the world went wrong
Was it a problem that was there all along?

But if it was why didn't you tell me
Why didn't you open my eyes to let me see?
Or maybe you had and I just pushed it aside
Just buried it down and let it hide

Maybe I didn't show you enough that I care
So is that why you're no longer there
I wish I just had an answer as to why
Why you left without a kiss or even good-bye

Until I know if you're coming back to me
I will just sit here pretending to be
I will for everyone put on a show
But never will I let you go

I will wait here night and even day
Waiting to see if you come back my way
And if you don't then that is your choice
Just know it will hurt to never hear your voice

I don't want anymore nights to be like this
I don't want for it to end on a broken promise
But most of all I don't want to loose faith in you
Because I know in my heart this is true

I will wait and let you decide
Whether or not you want to be by my side
And if that's what you want, to be with me
If not then that's how it has to be

Though I want to always feel your love
Cause its exactly what I've always dreamt of
I think of our past and in the future too
But what our future holds is up to you


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