Only You

by Lynzie   Oct 25, 2007

As I run my fingers through your hair
I feel the bond we have and the love we share
When I look into your eyes filled with brown
I feel your shield gather around

There to protect me from any harm
Knowing you're there if ever any alarm
Though your embrace is what I truly long for
Your arms wrapped around me is what I adore

Our love is like a puzzle coming together
Once we'd found all the pieces it was sealed forever
And still to this day there is no regret
We've come too far to simply forget

All the things we have made it through
Sure its been hard but its still me and you
And that is why I need you by my side
Because without you my life inside would die

When we hold hands our fingers are like ribbon or lace
Their tied together bringing a smile to my face
So if ever any doubt within your mind
Remember all that's been said for all of time

You're the one I want to have and to hold
And together see what our future unfolds
My love for you will never change
Not today or tomorrow in any way

I promise that you'll always have my heart
And that we will never be completely apart
No matter the time or the miles
Because in the long run I see you smile

And that truly means the world to me
If only we could switch places for you to see
How I feel about us and all we've been through
Then you'd know for sure the only one for me is you!


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