Love That Set Me Free

by Lynzie   Aug 30, 2007

Looking back I regret nothing at all about that night
You are the one that I want and it all felt so right
What anyone else thinks matters to me not?
It was simply between you and me neither of us at fault

As you slowly showed me the love that we have
I will never forget that night oh I wanted you so bad
I wanted you to be the one to show me exactly how to live
And that's what happened the night that I had a gift to give

A gift so special that I wanted so bad to cry
I could see the love, as I looked deep into your eyes
All I did was smile as you whispered I love you in my ear
When I was in your arms I no longer had any fears

Then today finally came, the day you would have to leave
I still don't understand how all of this can be
How can it hurt when you love someone so much?
I can't help but to constantly long for your touch

I want to do nothing more than love you with everything I am
I want you to be the only one that ever holds my hand
You're the one that has pulled me through
You're the one that seems to good to be true

I still feel the emotions left from that one night
I still feel your sweet embrace holding onto me so tight
I still recall the promise saying you will forever be with me
I still feel the love we made that has finally set me free



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