by shy girl   May 7, 2008

Finally things are beginning to go my way
I can finally smile at the start of each new day
This smile is true and very real
It makes me so happy to know that my heart has finally healed
I want you to know that I was lucky to know you
You helped me become the person I've turned into
I will look back on our memories and smile
Remembering the time we spent together was worthwhile
With tears of joy, I remember the past
Understanding that good things don't ever last
Only because better things will come along
And prove what I had with you really was wrong
Only in the sense of what the heart needs
Sometimes we lie to it, but that just makes us fall to our knees
Trying to fight a losing game,
Telling yourself all loves are the same
I now know there is something better I deserve
I have seen first hand exactly what type of love I want to preserve
I just hope I haven't left you hurt and alone
You deserve the best as well, just not the girl that you've known
One day I hope to see you again
Both of us smiling, not ever in pain
Talking about how our lives have changed
And how much we have rearranged
Best of luck to you
and all that you will do
I will see you someday soon
Maybe on a bright sunny afternoon


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