by shy girl   May 16, 2008

I see the light at the end of the tunnel
So I wont give up just yet
I might as well finish what I started
Quitting is something I will regret

It seems day after day
Obstacles try to stop
Everything I have worked so hard for
But I wont settle until I'm on the top

Faith in myself has brought me here
I'm no longer waiting for a sign
Believing that I could do it myself
Is what makes my confidence shine

Failure is all around
I see it in faces that once believed
Knowing that it wont ever be me
Makes me smile and relieved

Stress can be controlled
As long as you know what you can do
I will never let myself fail
I know I can make it through

Say what you want
Just go ahead and try to break me
I've never listened to you anyway
I never needed you to agree

I'm living my life the way I want from now on
I have become more independent than you expected
All because I knew I believed in myself
Words of doubt I still hear, but I am not affected

I finally listened to my heart
And took its advice
Now I understand the saying,
"You can't live your life twice"

Wish me luck on my way through life
Understand you can live it right too
The only think that you must do
Is just believe in you


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  • 15 years ago

    by Dreamofolwin

    I REALLY enjoyed your poem, and thought it was well expressed. I can relate to EVERY word. you re right, never give up on yourself. Life IS hard... but faith in ourselves will see us through. Its what u gotta have to get u through this life.