Seed of a Haven 1

by Nix   Jun 27, 2008

Everybody run here,
hyacinths are overgrown with blades,
everybody fall here,
and blood accrued...

it pours,
buying slaves,
taking them into a land of red,
and now let them take more
color for scarlet necropolis,
oh yes,
minds can kill murders in
these damaged
conceits of porcelain deluges.

Blood oscillates,
oscillates blood, oscillates,
did you feel that?
It gets ready for transformation.
To forge burgeon of smashed skull
endeavor inspectorates,
corpuscles break and overlap
within crimson ship-wreck,
spit for luck
because apparition from blood
raised like...
... like something which didn't
know how to raise
higher than what others wanted.

So you dragged that bog across the snow,
and from the soul
made frozen tombstone,
ice can bleed too, surprisingly...

...Just imagine
imagine flat piece of ice
from which blood stars to spin,
at first in thin beams, expanding.
Then it circles, drops twirl
and combine,
it flows, melts and
stars to oscillate,
bloody oscillations repeat,
and blood
until it stamps
in vacuum,
and it can't oscillate no more.

Now those are just sclerotic
bloody crumbs,
and than I born
with eyes of vacuum,
strangely without any drop in veins,
just emptiness, and vengeful footprints,
I came to execute, irritated with howlers,
I am the bullet and life is revolver,
nobody asked me if I like
story of the scenarists.

But I am here
to take blood.
And take care that everybody
who run here,
fall here.


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Latest Comments

  • 15 years ago

    by dollwithafrown

    I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this piece. The flow was sort of messy, as was the form. Usually in forms such as these (that have no precise pattern) I'm excited to read them, because sometimes the "messy" effect can really work for a poem. But I wasn't so sure about this.

    "But I am here
    to take blood.
    And take care that everybody
    who run here,
    fall here."

    Do you not mean to say: "And take care that every who *runs* here, *falls* here."? It doesn't sound right as it is. I wasn't sure if you were writing that because you meant to, or if this precise piece of English was just wrong.

    Overall though, you kept a very convincing dark theme throughout, which I enjoyed. Not bad.

  • 15 years ago

    by NicoleBaby101

    Wow..............its just wow.............oh my God that was just great no excellent! i give it a 5/5