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I dont consider myself a poet I just enjoy writing my feelings down. I mainly write when Im upset becuase it helps me deal with the situation instead of physically letting out my frustration. I would love to hear your thoughts about the poems I have attempt to write, your feedback will be most appreciated.

There's not much you really need to know about me as I am not that interesting lol. I guess the main thing that I will share is that I am a mother. I have a beautiful baby girl who is my world, my life, the air that fills my lungs.

The poems ('Kid With The
Blade' , 'Midnight' and 'Who Will
Listen') are all one of my mates poems that I put on for him when he didnt have the internet but now he has an account which you can check out, he goes by the name 2weak2smile!

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  • Can't you see?
    Don't you care I want to die...

  • (I'm going old school on this one....something...
    M- my beautiful daughter I love so dearly...

  • This is dedicated to my best friend,
    Someone on which I can always depend...

  • Close your eyes and block out the world around,
    Try not to listen, ignore all the other sound...

  • Twist (6)

    Twist and turn, twirl and tuck,
    Turn when twist, tuck after twirl...

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  • When does love stop being love and start being an obsession????

    10 years ago
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  • If you have never been seen,
    There is no need to disappear.

    11 years ago
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  • I stand before a mirror and all I see,
    is this dark black soul staring back at me!

    11 years ago
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