Love Although Dim Will Never Fade.

by Courageous Dreamer   Jul 15, 2008

My forlorn heart still flutters
as it still remains in one piece;
awaiting your arrival to captivate it
to love me the way I love you.

The profound feelings I encompass
for you have a soul of such true beauty,
are complicating my every thought, my every wish.
My emotions are growing stronger than ever before.

Constantly being told to let the feelings dissolve
by those who I confide in, is becoming too much to take.
I've tried so hard to let things fade in the past,
but have found out that it doesn't last long.

Letting these feelings fade away will break my heart,
for the thought of you would no longer linger in my mind.
I refuse to let my emotions fade into the past,
so I will continue to hold on to these genuine feelings.

*Thank you to Bliss for such a wonderful title.*


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  • 11 years ago

    by Kaila

    I really enjoyed this piece. I think everyone has felt this way at one point. And it's hard to forget, although sometimes you might want to, the risk of losing it all is too great. Which is relatable and I'm glad you chose this topic. Some things I would fix:
    The last few lines.
    The first and last lines are really important for the poem you came off strong in the beggining and okay in the middle then the end was sort of off. I just didn't feel the emotion at the end. So maybe take a look at that. nice job

  • 11 years ago

    by iTdOnTmAtTeR

    Hey, just thought id give props to ur piece, it was sweet and simple i relate to it alot, my fav part was"Constantly being told to let the feelings dissolve
    by those who I confide in"...i know how that goes lol...good work.


  • 11 years ago

    by Kalgalath

    This is exactly what I have been going through for the past week and two days. Amazing poem.

  • 11 years ago

    by CourtneyyContageous

    Agian beautifully amazing. Your first stanza captured my from the start. It told me a story of when I also fell in love, only to find that the other didn't love me the way I could. But like this poem, I wouldn't let that feeling fade away, i've waited for them to feel the same. I love how I can relate to your poety, your feelings. Keep writing.

  • 11 years ago

    by Bugg

    Oh, that was cute and sweet, mixed in with a little sad. It was adorable. I know how you feel. I've liked this one guy forever (!) and I don't have the courage to tell him how I feel, and my friends tell me to forget him. But if he ever left my mind, I wouldn't be able to ever think again! lol Great poem.

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