Benn ...

by emmajaynexo   Jul 1, 2007

Why do you have to be in my head?
Maybe your inside,
You say your name is Ben, but really I think its Hyde.
You try and tell me things to do like hurt or even kill,
Some of things you make me think make me feel so ill.
You don't want me to have any friends you always make up a rhyme,
Like everyone u love will die if you don't touch the wall in time.
You have no purpose of being here you just like to play with my mind,
You make me enjoy hurting people like there is a thrill to find.
I don't like watching people get hurt but you make it feel fun,
All the emotions you make me feel I just want you to run.
As a child I got protective with you and I wouldn't let anyone speak,
You like torturing and hurting weaker people like a "nerd or a geek"
When you hurt you feel powerful like people are going to worship you,
But by injuring people and putting them down then that isn't true.
Since I have told 1 person about you, my closest ever friend,
You normally whisper but you keep talking saying peoples lives will end.
When I'm upset I do ask you for advice and you do seem to talk back,
You have protected me for fourteen years and I appreciate that.
But is there a need in being evil cant you change for good?
You even enjoy hurt and despair especially when theres blood.
Strangling is your favorite "silent and discreet",
But it wont mean people will bow down at your feet.
People might think its Schizophrenia or even OCD,
But what the problem is Ben is that your inside of me.

Written by one of my best friends x


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  • 13 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    Your friend has wrote it very well and drew me in by the first line xxx