The things you had to say.

by Marta   Jun 5, 2004

Laying peacefully on this filthy ground
I hold my breath, not making a sound
My tears fall forth and I cry even more
I\'m so pitiful, I can\'t take it anymore

I keep staring endlessly at this broken wall
Thinking about absolutely, nothing at all
I try to look beyond what it shows
Wondering what, this color knows

Without any success
I put my body within deep rest
Closing my eyes, I shut them tight
Hoping I won\'t dream tonight

Knowing that I shouldn\'t do this now
I could care less, it\'s the right time now
The most sharpest pain is what I feel
Showing this will never ever, heal

Relief runs through my beatless heart
As I\'m set free from this bitter \"art\"
I will no longer see the one\'s I loved
I\'m sorry, but I sent myself up above

Looking down from heaven\'s bluest sky
I see this boy, holding back a mournful cry
His tears flow out and he starts to scream
He prays and wishes to no longer dream

He regrets ever damn day
Wishing he said all the things he had to say
Now, it\'s a minute to late and I\'m forever gone
So how does it feel, to be so alone?

So keep on crying for all it\'s worth
Because your tears will always fall forth
I guess it\'s quite too bad
Now, isn\'t that sad?

When I tryed to talk things through,
You sat there selfishly, if only you knew
Why can\'t you accept to just be friends
Just because it wasn\'t your way, it didn\'t have to end

So I\'m sorry for leaving you like this
And how much you hurt me from this day
Maybe you just should of told me
The things you had to say.

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