Rest In Peace Karena.

by Marta   Nov 12, 2005

Friday November 11th 2005, I payed a visit to Hillcrest Memorial Gardens to remember my friend Karena. I stood above her, her daddy, and her grandma. All three lay ed at rest together, I lit candles for each, and lay ed down three white roses. This poem is dedicated to her, and her family.

Rest in Peace Karena.
August 21st, 1988-October 13th 2005.

Today I picked a flower
A flower just for you
I thought it'd be nice
Just to pick a few.

As I said a prayer
I stood over three
Such resting angels
That God sent free.

For each of you
I lit a candle of light
To remember the day
You angels took flight.

A symbol of life
That I lay ed for you
I thought...
A white rose would do.

Furthermore I grieved
For another friend lost
A tragedy yet again
At an UN-paid cost.

I love you Karena,
Don't you forget
I have you memorized
From the day we met.

Karena was killed in a car accident, she unfortunately wasn't wearing a seatbelt, speeding at a high-rate and lost control of her car. It was said that even if she did wear a seatbelt the impact was much to strong for her to live. She was ONLY 17 years old. Now she is with her father who died when she was nine. And her grandma, who two days after the accident, died, of a broken heart. =(

Rest in Peace little Angels


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  • 17 years ago

    by *Elizabeth*

    Awe, my dear..that is soo terribly sad! at such a young makes you wonder...That is terrible and heart wrenching. My friend died in a car accident too..its a terrible terrible thing..the poem you wrote was beautiful, like usual. You were and are always my favorite poet. Your words are so natural..never forced.
    You are an angel Marta!
    take care

  • 17 years ago

    by ScarletHaze

    Aww hun that was so sad i didnt even no people could actually die of broken hearts! never the less it was a beautiful poem and u did a gr8 job xox

  • 17 years ago

    by Royal

    That was so sad i wish i could change but then again I'm someone else Guardian Angel